Jordan Fisher joined Complexity, and we were tasked with brainstorming ideas for his public announcement. We talked with Jordan to get to know the kind of things he personally likes, anime being something he highlighted as very influential in his life.
I had been following an artist for some time, and reached out to learn his commission availability. Thankfully he had an open schedule and we were able to work with him throughout a month-long period. I personally worked with him through the sketch, line art and final coloring phases.
We ended up with twelve manga pages, which we then animated in-house, had an original score composed, and designed a parallel apparel collection. Jordan was very supportive and modeled the items himself, which was a key component in the marketing campaign.
In my eight years of esports, this project is one that will remain a highlight throughout my career. I have always enjoyed anime and manga, so I was ecstatic to work with Jordan in brining this idea to life.
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