September is the anniversary month for Civilization, and they planned a massive month-long campaign to promote the game and community. My team was tasked on executing on this campaign detailed below.
This was the generalized schedule laid out detailing the different events and specials for the anniversary month.
A long awaited announcement, for the Leader Pass becoming available on consoles. This was posted on social media as their hero asset.
I was in charge of building all of the visual graphics for the various videos and social promotions going into details about the sales and new additions for the community.
Alongside the Leader Pass coming to console, another of the large updates was to a fan-favorite Caesar, buffing his skills and playstyle. We created several pieces of promotion regarding this update. Featured in videos and on the Steam game page.
With everything else, I also created a new livestream brand for the Civilization team, called Game Night. They asked me to create a neon-sign style, and we built an entire broadcast package with the brand style.
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